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Hiatus over!

Yes I am truly back. As bitter and angry as ever. Going to be reviewing films, the odd trailer and maybe even some movie news.

If your wondering why I left my reviews for nearly a year then (wow a year!) I havent got an answer but I am refreshed and have plenty of opinions to share with you all.

Sadly the worst part of my break was that I also never really visited anybody elses sites and reviews. I am sorry and will be trying to give everyones sites a good look.

Now as for what’s next I will be reviewing Batman V superman first, that’ll be out later today or tomorrow. As a slight teaser I was actually going to start the reviews as soon as that came out but after watching it I pushed it back to now.

Then I’ll review Deadpool, Captain America and a couple of other films I’ve seen.


The Last Airbender (2010) Review – Shitfest Edition

Now in 2008 when I saw Dragonball Evolution I thought it would be at least quite a few years until another childhood cartoon of mine would be raped in the a##! But no they couldn’t wait to see me gouge out my eyes so they released this abomination 2 years later. Whereas Dragonball could be excused as a very difficult source to be adapted into the live action arena, The Last Airbender really isn’t and I can clearly see it being made properly one day. But M. Night can kiss my a## because I will never watch a film of his again.


If you like the first paragraph then please go over to Isaacs for the complete review which believe me gets so much worse, didn’t realise how much I swore in the review until I read it on his site. So many exclamation points and hate, but I really hate this film!

Click here for full review

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