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Tim’s Top Ten Films of 2013

This is my list of the Top Ten Films released in the year 2013. I have reviewed each one of them or a review is pending and consider them to be all worthy of their position. If you notice any films that you loved and that are not on the list then this could mean one of two things, either I disagree or I simply didn’t see it (there’s a lot of those). I will also be releasing my worst films of the year and what I thought were the best/worst sci-fi films of the year. Lastly I will post my most anticipated films of this current year 2014, ohhh exciting.


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Box Office Predictions (26-28th July) Results

Okay so right off the bat I was way off with my Prediction, way off! And with that whimpering weekend total the summer blockbuster season has ended. So with that in mind these predictions will become less frequent, for example nothing interesting is coming out next weekend but I will be posting my predictions for 9-11th August. Go watch some movies!


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Box Office Predictions (26-28th July)

I don’t see anything special happening this weekend as we all know who’s going to win out. I am of course referring to The Wolverine, the only big player releasing this weekend. What I am interested in seeing is how well the returning films do on their second weekend. How will The Conjuring hold up to a second weekend? Because the The Purge dropped massively, and of course we have the other three releases. Look on for my analysis and go out to see some films. And I still haven’t forgotten about Pacific Rim!


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Pacific Rim (2013) Review

Guillermo del Toro you glorious bastard! I walked into this film with high expectations and I mean really high expectations and yet somehow I still got more than I hoped for. This film wasn’t just giant monsters crashing against giant robots (which would have been enough for me) it had real characters and real emotions which make you care about them and that is incredibly important. The visuals go without saying but am saying it anyway, they were so EPIC in both scale and quality. The story works as well and I knew if Del Toro was involved it wouldn’t just be another mindless blockbuster, this film had intelligence and a lot of passion behind it. I didn’t expect this walking in but this is the first film I couldn’t find a flaw in this year. I’ll go into much more detail below but for now bookmark this if you are waiting to see the film, leave any comments below, if you have seen the film then check out the spoiler sections and I will look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts.

“Today at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time.  We have chosen to believe in each other!  Today we face the monsters that are at our door, today we are cancelling the apocalypse!”


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Pacific Rim (Trailer #2) Review

This massive Wondercon trailer is one gigantic and beautiful scene after another. This film is really trying to beat the idea of giant scale into our minds and personally it’s working for me. I will be watching this film in IMAX, it will be the best film ever made and as God as my witness Del Toro will get an Oscar! On my previous review of Trailer #1 I confessed my ridiculous excitement for this film, and clearly this trailer doesn’t help, I might actually go crazy waiting for this! The thing you notice about the trailer is a lot more behind the scenes detail such as the command center and well just people in general, and we see Charlie day for the first time talking about understanding the enemy (he is a scientist). Then we go over a few scenes showing how the Jaegers work with mind melding and such. We also get an insight into how the war with the Kaiju has been going, but after that its 2,500 tonnes of awesome with lots and lots of battle scenes and Giant Robot action! 12th July save the date!


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What’s Tim Looking Forward To?

Believe it or not I couldn’t think of a better title, at least it will stand out of the crowd (Like an ugly person). This is a list of films I am most looking forward too in 2013. First off the list will only go to July because I don’t judge a film until I have at least seen a trailer and no films past there have had one yet. Second it’s not a list of what I think will be impressive to all but rather a list of films I think will be very fun. Films are entertainment, that’s how I watch them and that’s how I judge them. For a more comprehensive list I have a page for new releases, these are UK release dates.

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Pacific Rim (Trailer #1) Review

Well 2013 is looking pretty snappy so far, got Iron man 3, Man of Steel and now Pacific Rim all put into surprisingly good trailers. I need to be calmed down; I am acting like a mad man right now. Ok so my thoughts on the trailer, loved it I really did. After I heard the premise I got worried, then I heard Del Toro’s the director I nearly had a heart attack. Then came the wait for a trailer and I am so relieved it looks good, even if the whole thing is going to be pretty much CGI it looks like high quality high detail CGI of which I expect nothing less from Del Toro. Let the films about skyscraper size monster fighting robots the size of sky scrapers begin! More I say!!!

Pacific Rim - Banner

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