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Summer Box Office 2014 Results

Am Back! And you didn’t even know I left. Sorry for being away from the blog for a while and I may have also neglected some of the blogs I follow. Sorry about that. However I just realised I forgot to review Guardians of the Galaxy and as a result also haven’t read anyone’s reviews. However they are all bookmarked so when my review is out expect some comments.

So to this post, who won the box office this summer, the time of the blockbuster! Some upsets, some shockers and some we easily predicted. Read the rest of the post after the break and leave me a comment.


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Box Office Predictions (09-11th Aug) Results

Not a great weekend for the box office. Got some sad failures and some funny failures but no run away hits I am afraid. This weekend is actually quite important as it is the last weekend of big budget summer releases, sad that it didn’t do too well but there is only so much a film can do to get an audience. Go watch some movies!


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