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5 Best Alien Invasion Films

Second feature of the 5 bests is the best alien invasion films. Science fiction is my genre, alien films are a keen interest and alien invasion films are just damn cool! It’s a good mixture of these types of films. I have featured action heavy films to dramatic paranoia and all of which I would recommend to my readers. If anyone has any film they are adamant that I have over looked, please point that film out to me because I am not an expert even though I have watched a lot of these films. Please enjoy the list and comment at the end.


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White House Down (Trailer #1) Review

Roland Emmerich loves a good disaster film and granted this film is more action thriller he still gets a big budget and to set fire to the White House so I am pretty sure he is happy. The trailer has this fantastic start with a lot of things going on. We seem to get the initial attack shown through a news report which looks very dramatic. But we also get this fantastic quote from Lincoln which suggests an inner struggle within the film, a lot to take in for 50 seconds. The sounds and music is very harsh throughout the trailer and for me it really works to bring a tense feeling to the events portrayed. It’s almost like a teaser trailer in that I don’t really know what’s going on, but I like that and really want to see this film.


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