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The Host (Trailer #3) Review

Just so there is no confusion I hate what this film is doing and the trailer just makes me cringe from start to end. From the mind Stephanie Meyer creator of the Twilight Saga, we get this new invasion genre assassin ‘The Host’. First she turned vampires into sparkling fairies, werewolves who are apparently allergic to shirts and a female lead who loves an older man who pervs over her sleeping, truly a role model for young girls everywhere. I just can’t wait to see how she will ruin alien invasions. What have I gleamed from the trailer? Aliens like white suits and mirror cars. Alien host learns to love a real boy. Romance will encompass this entire film, not good romance but lots of twilight “romance”. As a trailer it’s good but I can see it’s not a film for me. I didn’t see any acting per say but I don’t recognise anyone in it and wouldn’t know if we were getting another batch of awful actors, so can anyone enlighten me?


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